Aaftab gifted Shraddha Walkar's ring to next girlfriend, same girl he invited over: Police

28 November 2022 06:49 PM
  • Aaftab gifted Shraddha Walkar's ring to next girlfriend, same girl he invited over: Police

Delhi Police recovered Shraddha Walkar's ring from Aaftab Amin Poonawala's next girlfriend. She is the same girl Aaftab had invited over to his apartment while Shraddha's body parts were lying in his fridge.

Shraddha Walkar's murder case has been throwing up shocking details by the day. At present, authorities revealed that the accused, Aaftab Amin Poonawala, gifted his deceased live-in partner Walkar's ring to another girlfriend after he had orchestrated the gruesome crime.

The development relates to Aaftab's confession to Delhi Police on November 14 wherein he admitted to chopping up his Shraddha's body and throwing away the dismembered body parts in forest areas of Delhi. He told the authorities that he killed the 26-year-old after an argument between the two. They had been staying together for over two years and had befriended on dating application.

Shraddha was murdered while her family and friends were looking for her. She went missing in May, 2022 and Aaftab said that he had strangulated her.

Not only did Aaftab kill her and dismember Shraddha's body, but chalked out a plan to keep her mortal remains irretrievable from the authorities.

Aaftab mentioned to the police that he even purchased a 300-litre fridge to store Shraddha's chopped-up body parts. He would step out of his house for several days to dispose of body parts, one at a time.

The investigation disclosed that Shraddha's ring was recovered from Aaftab's girlfriend, the friend he was close to after Shraddha. She is the same girl who Aaftab had even called to his Chhatarpur flat, days after he killed Shraddha. At the time when this girl came to Aaftab's house, Shraddha's body parts were lying and stored in the fridge.

On Monday, Delhi Police recovered the murder weapon used by Aaftab Amin Poonawala to dismember Shraddha Walker's body into 35 pieces after killing her. The development comes a day after the accused was sent to 13-day judicial custody. He is lodged in barrack number 4 of Delhi's Tihar Jail which is a separate cell with no inmates.

Speaking to India Today, Shraddha Walkar's father said that he wanted nothing less than a death sentence for Aaftab.

"I want him to be hanged."

He went on to say that if there was a punishment worse than capital punishment, he would want that for Aaftab.

"Agar usne tukde tukde kiye hai toh uske bhi tuke tukde ho. Phaasi dijiye, usse bura ho toh who karo (if Aaftab has chopped up my daughter's body, then I want his body to be chopped too. If there is anything worse than a death sentence then award that)," Shraddha's father said.

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