North Korea executing pregnant women, homosexuals; sterilising disabled people: Human rights report

31 March 2023 10:57 AM
  • North Korea executing pregnant women, homosexuals; sterilising disabled people: Human rights report

A report by South Korea's Unification Ministry has revealed chilling details of alleged human rights abuses in North Korea, including executing pregnant women, homosexuals, and sterilising disabled people.

: A report by the South Korea's Unification Ministry claims that North Korea has committed horrific human rights violations including executing children and pregnant women, carrying out human experiments and forcibly sterilising disabled people, Daily Mail reported.

The report claimed that North Korea publicly executed a six-month pregnant mother, carried out human experiments and forced women from 'list of dwarfs' to undergo hysterectomies. The regime forced nurses to make 'a list of dwarfs' and conducted hysterectomies on a woman with dwarfism, as well as human experiments, the testimony revealed.

The reason for the killing of the six-month pregnant woman was said to be that a widely circulated video showed her pointing at a portrait of the late Kim Il-sung while dancing in her home.

Horrifying details in the report by the South's Ministry of Unification states also included that the hermit nation also put citizens to death for being homosexual, for their religion and for trying to flee the country.

South Korea's Unification Ministry handles inter-Korean affairs. The 450-page report by the ministry revealed that North Korea also executed people for drugs, sharing South Korean media, and religious activities.

The testimony has been collected from 2017 to 2022 from more than 500 North Koreans who fled from their homeland details egregious human rights abuses in North Korea, Reuters reported.

The minister in its report said, "North Korean citizens' right to life appears to be greatly threatened. Executions are widely carried out for acts that do not justify the death penalty, including drug crimes, distribution of South Korean videos, and religious and superstitious activities."

The ministry revealed its yearly report to the public for the first time ever on Thursday as it aims to lift the lid on the North's 'gruesome' human rights abuses, Daily Mail reported.

North Korea executes people for drugs, videos from South
Six teenagers were executed by shooting in North Korea over watching video footage originating from South Korea and smoking opium at a stadium in the city of Wonsan, Kangwon Province.

It also details that the regime carried out human experiments, with officials at the Ministry of Social Security allegedly blackmailing families into letting their relatives become human test subjects under the threat of sending them to prison camps.

Human subjects were reported to have secretly been fed sleeping pills and forcibly taken to a facility called Hospital 83 to undergo various experiments.

Disabled people, particularly those with dwarfism, were also deprived of their human rights and had medical procedures conducted on them against their wills, reported Daily Mail.